Newbe txt question for a acme-challenge.staging record


I am new to cloudflare and need to make a txt record for a challenge staging with akamai.

I cannot find the proper syntax for the Content section?

Here are the info I work with: 60 TXT vsgehd993jsj399sjvsve&666Fsceceb299nzbebebebejIcde

The record is already done and the key is loose in the Content section. I think I need to add something like: akamai-domain-verification=vsgehd993jsj399sjvsve&666Fsceceb299nzbebebebejIcde

It’s the “akamai-domain-verification=” bit I am not sure about the syntax…?

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you,


The first one looks to be done:

The second one should be something like this:

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Okay, thank you for pointing out the obvious!


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