Newb Question. When do I need to purge?

So just set up Cloudflare on my site yesterday ( My main aim is to increase page speed and increase my Google Page Insights Mobile Score.

My site runs through WordPress. It is on the Newspaper theme. I run WP Rocket on it too.
Is Cloudflare still needed? My site is hosted in the UK but most of my readers are in the US.
I can’t work out when I need to purge? Is it after I change absolutely anything on my site? (plugins, publish new article, change any settings) or does most of it not need purging?
Sorry for the newbishness of the question.
Many thanks,
Paul Stevens-Fulbrook

Ideally, you should purge only the pages themselves after editorial changes, including adding and removing pages, by using the Custom Purge button. What I do with my WP site (and of course this will only be practical if your site is not very large) is to grab the list of indexed URLs from the sitemap and purge it using Custom Purge.

By doing it this way, you avoid that the other static files like JPG, GIF, JS, CSS etc be purged along with the pages, which would reduce your page speed by forcing Cloudflare to reload these assets from your origin server.

I don’t think you would need to purge anything after removing or adding plugins, unless they affect the content or presentation of the page in a significant way…

Then of course there will be many small changes that you may or may not consider relevant enough to justify purging. If you don’t purge, the pages will be refreshed by Cloudflare after the expiration set on the cache settings.

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