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Hi Community,

Can Cloudflare be used on domains that do not have a live website? My team wants to add Cloudflare protection on all domains with a website or domain without a website.

Secondly, the reason for the domains are related to email spoofing from domains that emails out without a live website.


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Sure, not sure of your particular use case, but yes. I have a half dozen or so domain names that I redirect to other sites.

Can you rephrase that, I don’t understand the question. Sorry.

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Hi Cloonan,

Thank you for your reply. Yes, that answers my question.

Related to the email question, we thought that cloudflare protection can apply to email addresses? Is that service offering availalble?

Ah, thank you. Yes, email protection is an option on paid plans, it’s described here Cloud Email Security | Anti-Phishing Protection along with an interactive demo.

And in detail here, Overview · Cloudflare Area 1 Email Security docs


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