Newb - Point a 2nd domain at my primary domain, want my second domain name to appear in browser address bar?

I have my original primary domain with Wordpress on it:
This is hosted by Hostinger and the domain is registrar 1&1 (IONOS)

I bought a second domain, and parked it onto the primary.

When I type into the address bar it takes me to the right place but the URL in the browser address bar changes to

How do I keep the name in the address bar which is typed?

I think Cloudflare can do this but I don’t know how. Also I think Cloudflare can give me an SSL…(?)

Cloudflare could do this with workers, but you probably dont want that. Just contact your host and ask how to configure that domain additionally.

Nope, you still need an appropriate certificate on your server. What Cloudflare can do is issue one of their origin certificates for that domain but you will still need to install it on your server and it will only work for proxied connections.

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I asked them. They want me to pay more and upgrade to a “Premium account” $
Should I check out “workers” ? I saw a video online and it talked about changing the DNS records etc in Cloudflare. But can’t recall if “workers” were mentioned.

And whats wrong about the premium account?

Workers can do that but they will be (mostly) paid too, they will require custom code from you, and applying them to this use case is a bit like taking a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I’d rather advise against it.

I am wondering if a simple Forward with Masking in my registrar’s control panel will do the job. Maybe I’ll try that.

Thats likely going to work, though keep in mind this will just put your site into a frame, so bookmarking will be tricky.

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Could I mask individual sub-pages , e.g.: => =>

or would it have to be: => =>

That depends on how your registrar’s “masking” works, however I would not expect any of that to work. They will probably just put the original domain into an HTML frame and call it a day.

You may need to modify your website configuration,it looks like you configured 302 or 301 redirect.

heh! I put a forward with masking on my domain in IONOS and it did mask as I wanted, i.e. => =>

However, =>
for some reason. This doesn’t bother me though because I dont want people to go to the root of my 2nd domain, just subpages.

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