NEWB here can't get WWW resolved for site

So I’m real new to this. I need subdomain www to resolve. My settings below.

Type: A
Content: redacted
Proxy Status: proxied

Name: www
Proxy Status: proxied

Any help would be appreciated. Did I say I was new! :slight_smile:

The www is resolving. You are not seeing the content due to your configured security policy that is turning all JS requests into blocked:csp. You should check your Content Security Policy settings.

You should also edit your first post to remove or somehow obfuscate the origin server IP address.

Hi Floripare,

Thanks for the advice. Where are you able to see my IP. I was not able to see it revealed in any posts.


Ah… you mean the post above. Shoot and yes I see I added my IP. It looks like I don’t have enough access to edit that post.

I believe @cloonan can help you with that.

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