New Website on new domain

What is the domain name?
tomasportas. com

Describe the issue you are having:
I bought a domain and deployed a website connected to my Github repository, but I cannot see the site online. I feel there is an error with DNS but I could not solve it.

You are using Cloudflare Pages?

Did you add as custom domain to the project?

Yes, I just did it. It said it might need up to 48 h to be visible. Is that normal?

Is there anything I need to change on the DNS settings?

In the process of adding a custom domain Cloudflare automatically adds the necessary records.

these are the default settings that appeared

Looks as though you succeeded in adding the domain.

Yes, you might have to wait a while before these changes propagate.

but this is the error I receive when I open the website

I see DNS records now

$ dig	300	IN	A	300	IN	A

and the site loads

However, the blank screen indicate there is an error in the configuration, likely the Build output directory is incorrectly set.

It also appears you only added and not too.

Sorry to bother you. But when you say “Build directory” was not properly set, do you have a recommendation on how to fix it?

The correct directory depends on what framework (or lack thereof) you are using to build your pages site. Cloudflare offers several guides

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