New Website - DNS Change

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Is this the only support that cloudflare offers??

I am trying to activate my website on cloudflare. I have added my site: to cloudflare.

Now the system asks me to point the name servers to the new nameservers.

So i asked my domain register to do same.

They came back and said they did a “dig” command on the nameserver setup, and determined that the nameservers on cloudflare are not configured correctly?

So, i am absolutely stuck. My domain regestrar doesn’t want to change my nameservers and cloudflare has seemingly no support staff i can talk to?

What now?

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Breyten Potgieter

Support is at

Which nameservers were you given? Post a screenshot.

This is the config:

Apparently, only after the nameservers has been changed, does cloudflare “activate”…
is this correct?

Kind regards,

These nameservers do not know about your domain. You could either remove the domain, wait a bit, and re-add it. Should that still not fix it, it is best to contact support.

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