New Website and new domain through Cloudflare

Im planing to build a new website on top of a new .com domain. Atm im using the free Cloudflare plan and im happy with it. My questions:

  1. After buying my new domain through Cloudflare - how can i build a website on top of it. Do i have to rent a new server and move the domain to the server host or is it possible to keep the domain(s) inside Cloudflare and connect them with the server host?

  2. Which hosting company should i use. The website visitors are from turkey. In need performence - its gona be a wordpress site.

  3. Does the domains from Cloudflare include a free SSL?

Thx a lot


Thank you for asking.

Might depend on a type of the website:

  1. Using Cloudflare Workers or Cloudflare Pages, no need to rent and pay a hosting. Otherwise, you can have your domain at Cloudflare Registrar (or some other) and use Cloudflare for it (DNS), and point it to your external hosting and even external e-mail provider.
  2. I’d suggest some from your country, if you have some because it is closer to your potential visitors (despite Cloudflare having a lot of POPs all around the World and also in Istanbul, Turkey). Might depend on what kind of type of web hosting and features you need.
  3. They are covered from the Cloudflare Edge to the visitor’s web browser by the Universal SSL, but from your origin host/server to Cloudflare you still need to have an SSL certificate, either if you don’t have one you can use Cloudflare Origin CA Certificate → but only for web traffic and with Full (Strict) SSL option.

I’d suggest you my two posts from below:


Hi - thx for the detailed answer. I think everything is clear now. take care

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