New web site has 5.11k blocks in 24 hours

A new web site went live late Friday, and I see over 5000 blocks, almost all from 8 IP addresses. They all have the same user agent (Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0; + and are blocked by rule 100202 - Anomaly;Header;User-Agent - Fake Bing or MSN Bot.

How can I confirm that they’re not legitimate crawler traffic? I’m researching because there are components of the new site that are not working.

You didn’t post the IP addresses, but I use this to check where they’re coming from:

IP addresses:

ARIN shows that they all belong to Microsoft.

Microsoft says Bingbot’s IP addresses should reverse-DNS resolve to The ones you list do not.

Thank you. That’s the information I needed.

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