New web host- changing nameserver

Hi guys

I have an simple question about changing nameservers.I want to change my web hosting,and I’m delete nameservers from old webhost and add new.But my website don’t work.Is there any way that I check Did I do it well…Because it’s my first time that I change webhosting so I’m not sure.

Your webhost nameservers are not of relevance anymore once you are on Cloudflare. You manage your DNS records only in your Cloudflare control panel in this case.

Yes,of course.I’m think on it,but my English is bad :slight_smile:

I’m change DNS Recods but also my website don’t work.How much I need to wait? And is there possible to see Did I do it good :smiley: How to check it.Thanks

What is your domain?

Your nameservers are correct and your records point straight to your server. Is the *.*.*.165 address correct?

Yes.It is

Well, in that case everything is correct.

If the displayed page is not the right one you’d need to contact your webhost.

Thank you very much.

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