New Web Analytics and subdomains

Hi, just started using the new WebAnalytics and wondered how I can add my main domain and a subdomain (or two :smile:)

For example, I’ve got tracking nicely, but would also like to be tracked.


Are you on Free, or paid Subscription?

I’m on Free

Then I think this is not possible.
On paid Plans you can filter and do more stuff then on the free plan.

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Ah, that makes sense. I didn’t even think of that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply

If it’s the “New” analytics (Javascript Beacon), then I believe it’s just one hostname for now.


Yes, its the “new” Javascript Web Analytics.

We tried it, putting the same token on the subdomain as was in the main domain and - perhaps because its in Beta - we are getting reports for both and - very impressive.

This may change once its out of beta of course, but gives an excellent taste of what is possible.

In the visits summary, you can click on Hosts and it shows you the total, and breaks out each subdomain, if you hover over a subdomain you can exclude it, or filter on that subdomain.

Very nice, thanks Cloudflare :smiley:


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