New version of worker seems to not be working

Hi everyone,

We are using a worker that strips query string parameters from a URL when searched again a regex that contains possible campaign parameters.

We slightly altered the regex pattern by adding a new one:

Old version:
const urlRegex = new RegExp('(refreshce|gclid|cx|ie|cof|siteurl|zanpid|origin|utm_(source|campaign|medium|term)|fb(cl)?id|fbclid|mr:[A-z]+ref(id|src))');

New version:
const urlRegex = new RegExp('(refreshce|gclid|cx|ie|cof|siteurl|zanpid|origin|gad_source|utm_(source|campaign|medium|term)|fb(cl)?id|fbclid|mr:[A-z]+ref(id|src))');

While it continues to work for all parameters used to be in the previous one, it cannot work for the newly added gad_source

There’s more than 3 hours that the code has changed.

Any ideas?


Are you still encountering this @c.athanasiadis?

Hi @cloonan, yes we are still having this issue. Any ideas?

If you clear cache and are still encountering this you may want to ping the team on the Developers Discord to see if they can assist in debugging, Cloudflare Developers