New user with redirect issues

Hi, I’m new on Cloudflare and a real novice with domains, dns, etc…

I completed setup with the website and domain where I can type my website only and get to my website. But when using the url preceded by www (using http and https), I cannot connect to the site.

I’ve copied below the page rules I entered for the redirect to happen. I’m guessing it’s something simple but not simple enough for me. Can you please help me??

Thank you so much. Tim


Redirects require a proxied :orange: DNS record (A, AAAA, or CNAME) for the domain or subdomain being redirected. Do you have a DNS record for www? If not, just create a CNAME with name www and the naked domain as its value, and make sure it’s proxied :orange:.

Also, you may prefer to create a Redirect Rule, which offers a better control of your redirects.

Check Example 2 from:

Hi, thank you for your prompt response on my dilemmna. I think I can answer yes to each of your questions. I tried copying a screenprint of my DNS record (A, CNAME) but I couldn’t attach two files in my initial post.

On the Redirect Rule, I thought I was doing that through my Page Rule.

I’ll read though and try what you suggested. FYI, here’s a screenprint of my DNS info which I think looks OK. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Thank you.

You need another CNAME:

Name: www
Value: (your naked domain)

Thank you again!!

I will have to research and process what you say about my “naked domain”. I’m not stupid but I confess my ignorance. I really am a novice at this. I will have to look it up because I have no idea what my “naked domain” should be.

Additionally, I started to look at the redirect rules and need to decide which one to use and to make sure I get the correct syntax.

Hello Again,

THANK YOU. I added what I believe you said I needed with another CNAME using www. It worked. Can you please check the updated screenprint for accuracy? Thanks again.

Second, since you mentioned that the page rules will be deprecated, does that mean I should do the
redirect rules now? Will the page rules in place become non-functional?

Thanks again. This is all so new to me.

It looks fine to me. And if it worked, so much the better :grin:

No, don’t worry. I expect users will be informed well ahead of time when the process of phasing out Page Rules begin. Please see: The future of Page Rules

Thank you again for your help with the domain settings and regarding the future of the page redirects. I really appreciate the assistance.


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