New User - Suggestions on securing site with limited server access

So I’m with a web host that specialises with a specific product we use on our website. I have limited access to a cPanel instance (99% sure it’s a customer portal and not WHM).

I’ve got my DNS setup and working on Cloudflare (Yay!). Having read this article (Allow Cloudflare IP addresses · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs) I realised that the only way I was going to secure it is with a .htaccess file (as I haven’t got access to the server any other way). I’m a bit annoyed about this, but created the .htaccess file with the below settings:

require ip
require ip
require ip
... (etc. for all the other CF IPs)

Well that didn’t work well! I lost access to the site. I then added another “require ip” line with my own IP address and I could access my site again.

Any idea why this wouldn’t work? Or ways to work around it?

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