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I’m new to Cloudflare.I’m trying to test it (looking to serve images/js) out on a dev server that I have made. This is running at the same domain but with the host dev. It is running on a separate box from the live website. Setup guide is asking me to change my nameservers for my domain, but i do not want to do this as it will change for my live site, which i am not looking to change yet. Is there a way to do it only for my dev host? Additionally I was curious about integration with Magento 2.3. I see there is a module for integration, but it is not compatible with 2.3. I was just wondering if this module is required for full functionality, or if it is just for ease of use. Thanks for any and all help!


When you set up Cloudflare you will see under DNS that you can choose to proxy traffic through Cloudflare or not. If you do change the nameservers to Cloudflare you can choose to not have your live site traffic proxied through Cloudflare while at the same time sending any traffic to your subdomain through Cloudflare. This will allow you to play around with settings and not impacting your live site until you are ready. :fire:

From this article:

  • An orange-cloud icon proxies traffic for the subdomain through Cloudflare. :orange:
  • A gray-cloud icon does not proxy traffic for the subdomain through Cloudflare. :grey:

In regards to the extension question - That module isn’t required but it does have some helpful features such as saving you time from refreshing both the Magento cache and then the Cloudflare cache. If you refresh the cache in Magento it will automatically do the same in Cloudflare. It also offers the ability of Restoring the Original Visitor IP which can be helpful if you run any fraud detection on top of Magento.

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