New user on cloudflare



after finished to add the record i didnt find any IPv4 how can i please add them manuely

After adding the IPv4 the website still nor working
I didn't find the IPv4

On the CF control panel, log in and go to DNS settings (blue squares at the top) you can then add your DNS records manually.


but i dont know what is the IPv4


It will be the ip address given by your web host. Do you use CPanel?


how can i add a record when i dont have the IPv4


Your web host will be able to provide the ip address


the problem they didn’t


sorry i dont use cpanel


Change your nameservers back to the original ones with your host,

Use a tool like this
To look at your DNS records and IP address.

Switch back to CF nameservers and add your DNS records.


i dont find anything please


when you transferred to CloudFlare, you must have changed your nameservers to, can you change them back to what they were before temporarily?


let me try please


i think i find it now


i just add them but the website still nor working


could you please tell me what the web address is?



Thank you.

Your nameservers are still showing as and

Have you definitely changed them back? If you have, leave it a while - it may take some time to propagate.


yeah i’ve change it as you said and after getting the IPv4 i add the cloudflare record back on hosting


Yes. Once you have got the IPv4, change the nameservers back to CloudFlare


absolutly is what i did like you said