New User - Old website not working

Hi, historically an IT specialist (now missing) set our website up. It is no longer active and now I am trying to get it working again.
I have all info needed for our accounts with GoDaddy and Cloudflare and have followed Cloudflare guidance to remove some DNS and replace them with the suggested new DNS and have emails from Cloudflare and GoDaddy saying all is active.
Our website now says “This site can’t be reached” Server IP address could not be found.
I appreciate that the site needs new content but don’t know how to access it to add this.
Please help me - Thanks in advance.

You have no DNS records set up on Cloudflare.

Hi and thanks.
I spent hours over the last two days getting these set up and received confirmation yesterday that two gloudflare DNS were set up one in the name of tess. and one in the name of luke. as requested by Cloudflare

Your nameservers are correctly set, but you dont have the DNS records. You need to create them on your DNS screen on Cloudflare.

Can I do that now, myself? If so, is it on this site?
Thanks in advance.

Of course you can do it yourself, you have to do it yourself. And yes, it is in your Cloudflare control panel as I mentioned earlier.

Sorry, I am sure I am being very dense but now I am not sure what the IPv4 reference I need to add is.

You will need to contact your host to get the right values in this case. Alternatively you could try to remove the domain from Cloudflare altogether and re-add it once again. That should automatically import most records (you must have skipped that step originally).

I would also suggest to check out #tutorials and

The DNS Management page is asking for my IPv4 address and GoDaddy state that Cloudflare are the only people who have this. How do I find it?
Thanks in advance

Please dont open several threads.

Your question was already addressed above. You need to contact your host.

GoDaddy have just confirmed that Cloudflare are the Hosts and I need to get the IPv4 address from Cloudflare.
I don’t have this unless it is somewhere on my Cloudflare Account info.

Cloudflare is not the host, Godaddy is. At least that is what I presume. You are hosting with Godaddy, are you not?

In this case Godaddy needs to provide you with that address.

I would also suggest to switch to another host, as Godaddy is not exactly among the most competent hosts (as evident from the response you got from them).

Hi Sandro,
Sorry to have to come back to you but I am going round in circles.
GoDaddy have just confirmed that “Godaddy have your domain name GINGERMARKETS.CO.UK registered and Cloudflare have the website content you have added to this domain.” They are adamant that Cloudflare Host and therefore have my IPv4 address.
Please can you help me?

Lets start at the beginning. Who is your host? Assuming you contacted Godaddy, I would assume it is them. Is it not?

My understanding is that GoDaddy are the Registration site only. Cloudflare are the hosts. But I accept that I am no technological wizz kid and given this was all done by an IT specialist over 5 years ago on our behalf, it could be that I am not explaining things correctly!

Cloudflare does not host at all. Your domain is likely registered with Godaddy and if they are not your host too, you must be hosting somewhere else. Where that is, is something you will need to clarify I am afraid.

Thank you. Is it the case that the only people who will ever be able to tell me what my IPv4 is are the hosts, who we are unable to identify?

Is there any way that Cloudflare have the information about either our hosts or our IPv4.

If Cloudflare can’t provide these is there any way to transfer the DNS from the two Cloudflare references I changed them to yesterday, to my own reference?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, but I find it difficult to believe you dont know whom you are paying for hosting.

No, you can try some of those archive sites which keep records of public addresses, but there is no guarantee they will have that information either.

I am not sure what you mean. If you mean the DNS servers, you can certainly switch back to the original servers at any time.

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