New user, non-techie, don't know how to configure the initial DNS record setup process

Hello all,

OK full disclosure, I’m in new and uncharted waters for me, so I’m proceeding with an abundance of caution.I understand CDNs in principle but this is my first time ever using one. I just signed up to Cloudflare and am at the DNS record verification screen. (Note that every line item is set to Automatic TTL)

“We’ve scanned your existing DNS records to make sure your website & mail services continue to run once you change your nameservers to Cloudflare’s. We may not have found every existing record, so please double check the list below to be sure.”

Question 1: I see that is “turned on” (orange icon) for DNS & http proxy, as is the alias. However, I actually have 4 permutations of my domain: http, https, http://www and https:/www. Shouldn’t all 4 permutations appear in the list?

Question 2. There are many line items grayed out, Am I fine just to leave everything at default settings? Autoconfig, autodiscover etc and all the other grayed out items all point to the same IP on my hosting provider’s server.

Standing by at this screen until some kind soul can give me some guidance.

Thanks in advance! :smile:


1.) Your configuration with and being :orange: orange clouded is correct. No need for additional configuration.

2.) It is best to :grey: grey cloud anything related to email (I figure you are using Office 365/Exchange from the autodiscover record). Generally speaking you only want to :orange: orange cloud (sub)domains that serve web traffic only.

It would be good if you can compare the DNS records that Cloudflare has imported automatically, with your old DNS configuration. Perhaps your hosting provider has a dashboard where you can view this information. Just to make sure Cloudflare didn’t miss anything while scanning your records.

@martin2 thank you for your help. Unfortunately the config window timed out and I am getting a cryptic (well, cryptic to me) message asking me to confirm two nameservers. Unfortunately I’m not tech savvy enough and don’t have the time or enough technical appetite to roll up my sleeves for CDN. With my learning curve, I’m not sure there’s enough bang for the buck for my one little site.

IMPORTANT: I don’t know what’s happened in the back end so far - do I need to contact my hosting provider to undo any changes that my (aborted) registration process may have caused?

Thank you, and sorry I wasted your time :frowning:

@martin2 Oh, and there a Cloudflare de-registration process I should go through ?

No worries :slight_smile: I actually think you got pretty close to completing the entire process already.

If you haven’t yet delegated nameservers for your domain, you should not do anything more if you don’t want to continue anymore. There isn’t really any need to deregister. Cloudflare will automatically delete your zone if nameservers aren’t delegated (I believe within some weeks).

If you did already change nameservers (at your registrar/previous provider), then you completed the setup. From what I understand, this is really the only step you are missing, and it should be fairly easy given that your registrar has a dashboard where you can do this somewhere.

Here are some more detailed step-by-step instructions if you choose to continue (with specific guides for the most popular registrars):

@martin2 Thanks again, and you are very helpful and persuasive! :wink:

I’ll definitely keep it in mind. Although it might be important to know that I’m only trying to further optimize my (WordPress) small business website, which is already loading anywhere between 1.2s and 1.8s in my target geographical market. Pretty good imo. What I don’t know yet is how much CDN would further optimize performance.

Anyway, I’ll keep your response in my back pocket and wish you a nice Sunday afternoon. Cheers! :smile:

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@martin2 I decided to dive in, not too complicated after all. I’ve gone through the welcome center and made some config changes, better GTMetrix scores all around! Thanks for the gentle nudge :slight_smile:

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