I’ve just signed up to pro and have been trying to enable speed optimisations. I understand we need to enable proxy (orange cloud) for these affects to work. However after enabling proxies the website fails to load generating the above error.

I’ve fixed this by switching the proxies off but I dont think any of the optimisations are now active as my site speed including server response time is still terrible.

Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to Cloudflare!
Check out the community tip for these issues, it has some quick fix suggestions:

Most commonly, it’s because your SSL/TLS Mode is set to Flexible when it should be Full (Strict), causing Cloudflare to send HTTP requests to your origin, your origin responding with a redirect to HTTPS, and an endless loop!
You can change your SSL/TLS Mode within the Cloudflare’s dashboard, inside of your website’s settings, under SSL/TLS → Overview, or via this magic link:
There’s a troubleshooting document here as well:


Thank you, thats worked, but now getting some weird action when logging into my CMS. It doesn’t seem to log in properly and changes I have made today on the CMS aren’t reflected on the live site.

In addition to this the speed audit tool on Cloudflare saying my site is unreachable. Yet i’ve asked numerous friends to attempt access and theyve been successful.

I’m quite confused now.

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