New User Caching Question

Hi all, OK, so I think that I’ve got this all setup correctly?

I’m using a free webhost. It goes down now and then, it’s free so I kinda live with that. Actually at times I think the webhost does it on purpose to try and get me to upgrade to paid hosting… but that’s another story.

So recently I was on somebody else’s website (that had gone down) and I saw that Cloudflare has cached it and displayed a banner at the top saying that the actual website wasn’t live at that time (due to whatever) but displayed the cached version of their site.

The lightbulb in my head turned on, and it was this primarily that convinced me to try Cloudflare.

Been using it for a few months now, and today is the first time that I’ve noticed my website go down.

It’s currently saying : 500 Internal Server Error

However in my Cloudflare settings (Caching, Configuration) Always Online is set to ‘Yes’ >?

So I must of incorrectly set something up?? That’s my question please, what else do I need to do to see a slightly older cached copy of my website when my server goes down? (please).

My thanks in advance,

CF doesn’t show the ‘always online’ page for server errors like 500 - see

Always Online does not trigger for HTTP response codes such as 404, 503, or 500 errors such as database connection errors or internal server errors.

OK, I appreciate the quick response. Admittedly that only really confirms my ‘webhost’ conspiracy theory!!

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