New TXT records are not propagating

I use Route 53 for DNS. Until recently, when I changed a TXT record, it would propagate within 24 hours. About a month ago, I started using Cloudflare and replaced the NS records with Cloudflare’s name servers.

Last Thursday, I changed my TXT records (on Route 53) to enable SPF and DMARC. After 4 days, the new records haven’t propagated.

Any suggestions how to solve it? I’m not even sure honestly if this is an AWS issue or a Cloudflare issue?

If you changed your DNS to point at Cloudflare you need to update your DNS at Cloudflare. DNS propagation typically takes 30-60 seconds globally once the update is made.

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You mean I have to manually change the record on Cloudflare’s DNS tab? Do the AWS and Cloudflare records need to match?.. or does Cloudflare simply ignore the Route 53 DNS record (aside from the NS record)?

Just needs to be done at Cloudflare.

Once you’ve set your nameservers to Cloudflare, nothing and no one knows about Route53 having records for you so they’ll be completely ignored. If you’re paying for the service you might as well cancel it because it’s not going to be used.

(Re nameserver record… Only place this is important is at your domain registrar, even that doesn’t matter at Route53)

Got it. Thanks!

There are a few records in Route 53 that didn’t get copied over to Cloudflare for some reason. Any idea why that happened? Should I copy such records over manually as well before I delete the Route 53 hosted zone?

You’ll have to manually enter any missing records. Cloudlfare has a thousand or so record names it tries to guess at when importing records. Anything not in its guess list needs to be entered by you.

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