New to this please help - domain not showing in google

Our webmaster has resigned. I am lucky enough to have got the super admin access in google but my domains are not showing in google. Can someone please tell me how I transfer my domains to GSuite.

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You can find some useful hints on the page below. But why do you want to move them to google?

As I said I’m new to Cloudflare. Our webmaster resigned and all I want to do is access the emails and email aliases he set up. I can see them in GSuite but I don’t seem to have anyway of managing them. He has set up redirections for all of the aliases to me and I need to change that. I also need to delete some. I basically need access to our emails but don’t know how. I have admin access to everything, ie: GSuite, Cloudflare but can’t find how I access these emails so that I can actually do what I need to with them. Thanks

Our webmaster has left. Before he went he made me admin of everything but with no further instructions. He set up emails and a pile of email aliases and redirected them to me. I can see them in GSuite but I don’t seem to have anyway of managing them eg: redirecting them, deleting them, downloading the data etc. How/where do I access these emails?


This is the Cloudflare Community, which is not where you should probably ask this question since it relates to Google’s G Suite.

Still, I would recommend trying to reset the passwords and logging in with the different accounts.

Merged the topics since it’s the same thing discussed here.

Note that you don’t seem keep on these topics. You should probably not attempt to do anything relating to DNS and Domain Management since it could seriously alter or even block the email delivery and accessibility of your domain.

I’m probably not making myself very clear. I have access to everything so I’m not sure what resetting the passwords would do. I can log in to google and as I said I have super admin access. I have full admin access in Cloudflare too but I’m not familiar with Cloudflare. I went to GSuite expecting to find my domain in my admin console (if it was there I would be able to delete these emails I dont want) but its not and I’m told that this has to do with Cloudflare. Google help told me there is nothing that can be done on that side. They told me what I need to do needs to be done in Cloudflare. Right now I would be happy to get rid of Cloudflare if it meant I could access the emails attached to my domain. Can someone please tell me what Cloudflare has to do with my domain emails and why google would be telling me that I need to see Cloudflare about accessing them.

Cloudflare would only manage the DNS (and by consequence the MX) records, nothing else. Everything else would be on Google’s side.

You want to delete e-mail accounts or e-mails inside an account?

I want to delete email accounts and change where email aliases go. When our webmaster left he redirected a pile of useless aliases he set up to go to me and the are being spammed. Bottom line is I want to manage my email accounts ‘my’ as in I own the email accounts and the aliases that have my domain and I want access to them. The ex-webmaster assures me I have full access and that I should have no trouble accessing them but he won’t give me any more information about why I can’t access them. I can see the email accounts and aliases in google and I can make some edits to the email accounts (eg; I can change the passwords) but I can’t do anything to the aliases. Google says I need to speak to Cloudflare

Those settings would be managed in Google’s interface.

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When you transfer your domain to another domain host you must update your domain settings so that Gmail and other G Suite services to continue to work


We haven’t transferred our domain to another domain host. Our webmaster has simply resigned and it’s looking very much like he is stuffing us around with this. He told me that I have super admin access but that is looking like it may not be true. I don’t know what else he may have done but I do know our domain is not on my admin Console in GSuite and google told me I needed to contact Cloudflare.

Don’t know if you got your answers already, but you need to go to and log in with the account that has Super Admin.

You can also call your reseller, they usually can provide tech support for issues like this. Good luck.

I didn’t read anywhere that you said your actual registrar was Google. While logged in to your admin google acct, go to Google Domains - if they are registered there then you can look at the nameservers (NS) and determine exactly what machine they are on by the records. If in fact you did not register them with google you can go to 2 places to determine and put your top level domain in - DNS Lookup for (check A & NS records with “Type” dropdown) to see and then to find the actual registrar go to Whois Lookup Captcha and replace with your domain.

How do you mean by your site not showing up on google? in therns of when you search for a keyword of when you search for your domain itself?

If you want to know if your posts are properly indexed by google you should type “site:yoursite,com” on google search box. This will show you all your posts and links that have been indexed by google and can show up in search engines.

I used the same method after adding my two sites to Cloudflare and

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