New to SSL


I have just set up my SSL for my one page website and I have a few queries…

  1. I was just wondering if I should turn the ‘Always use HTTPS’ to ‘On’?
  2. Should the automatic HTTPS rewrites also be ‘On’?
  3. When I try visit my site through the ‘HTTPS’ version it says ‘this connection is not private and the website maybe impersonating etc etc…’ Please see screenshots. Has anyone any ideas why it is doing this and not taking the user direct to my site, that should hopefully be safe and secure with the little lock?

Thank you.

Most importantly, you should make sure you have a certificate on your server, which you currently do not seem to have.

Hi @sandro I had signed up for a certificate with Cloudflare. I can see it now and is all working fine. I think it’s because it takes some time to up.

Thank you.


Cloudflare cant provide a certificate for your server, you still need to configure this manually. If you dont, your site is still insecure.

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