New to Networking - Port Forwarding Issues

I currently have a google domain (let’s call it “”) under Cloudflare nameservers. This domain is being proxied by Cloudflare and has an A record pointing to an IP (let’s call it “”).

This domains intended purpose is simply to serve as a server address for a game server, wherein instead of typing out or memorizing an IP, all users need to remember is this domain. The IP of the game server is the IP listed on the A record of this domain. However, the game server runs on a specific port, which are isnt one of cloudflares standard HTTP/HTTPS ports. How can I “port forward” while still retaining cloudflares proxy. I don’t want the game servers genuine IP being exposed to users. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

You can either:

  • Pay for Portzilla
  • Create your own port forwarding worker (only fun if you’re a developer)
  • Or use Spectrum (Minecraft on lower plans, but expensive, or full-on Enterprise plan that’s super expensive).

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