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Hi, I host a small startup search engine and am interested to integrate as a test with IPFS.

How can it work with a search engine? Currently I am hosting on AWS. Would my hosting remain there and traffic pass through on IPFS, and if so what would be stored on IPFS? Or would I be migrating to IPFS?

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IPFS is normally used to return static files, so I’m not sure if you could really build a search engine on top of IPFS.

Take a look at the following links regarding crating and pinning content.

From the last link:

A few notes about content: IPFS is currently best for static content, and this guide assumes that all of the files for your website are static. Also, all links within your files should be relative links – this allows your website to be served in all the ways that IPFS supports.


As I understand it though ipfs Cloudflare is not hosting the site just delivered it, no?

Correct, Cloudflare offers an IPFS gateway and caches (short term) the content.

so in search engine terms our cache could temporarily be stored and user info, but the index couldn’t be stored there as it’s a temporary storage solution?, could it be “pinned”?

I’m trying to setup and connect a test website. On step 3 it asks me to provide a hash. As I understood it the gateway was a transport layer not storing content, though it can? How do I generate this hash if my content is not being store don IPFS? Will my content still be found on http server?

Add a TXT record with the name and value dnslink=/ipfs/<your_ipfs_hash_here>

Cloudflare still isn’t a hosting service (Yet!) so IPFS-Cloudflare-proxied files still need to be on an IPFS server.

thanks you but to connect my site step 3 says I have to create a text record like this: name and value dnslink=/ipfs/<your_ipfs_hash_here>

but I don’t understand how my site can get an ipfs hash if its not hosted on ipfs

So…can an http site use ipfs gateway?

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