New to Cloudflare, used to be able to ssh to my domain but now I can't

Subject says it in a nutshell. I can SSH directly to my IP address but not to my domain since I linked it through CloudFlare. Looked for some setting or config but no idea.

This is the preferred method. Cloudflare doesn’t proxy SSH connections, so the only way to SSH to a hostname is to turn off the proxy, which would expose your IP address to the public. Most people don’t like doing this.

However, if you don’t mind, you can certainly add an “A” record for ‘ssh’ and the IP address, then leave it set to :grey: DNS Only.

Well, since I wrote a game in Python that runs in a terminal, it can only be played by shelling into a fairly secure account I created on my Raspberry Pi. So either I give out the IP address to let people in, or I rig it so the domain name can be used. Same difference I guess. Or I just give up on the whole damn thing. Which is what I’ll probably do. I’m probably the only one who uses it anyway. Too much trouble to rewrite the whole thing to run from a web page. Thanks!

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Not too proud to ask where I add that A record etc.

No problem. Don’t let pride get in the way of productivity.

There’s a DNS tab for your domain at

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Thanks, I’ve done this before, but not often enough or recently enough.

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Ha! Once I knew where to go, the A record was there, just had to click Proxy off. It works as before. And I can decide later if I want to do something different. Thank you very much!

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