New to Cloudflare. Tried to connect, but website is down

Hi. I just started with Cloudflare.
I got two server names and put them in my domain host. But they are not working properly. I checked with my excellent phone support of the web hosting service and they said everything is fine on their end, but Cloudflare is not accepting its own server name. HELP!! My website is down just as traffic is increasing and we are preparing for sales!

Is this the only way to reach customer service?

You can open a ticket by going to, logging in.

Then at the bottom of the page there’s a search field.

You can search for information relative to your issue, many problems have ready solution.

If search does not yield a satisfactory response, you can click on Submit a Request.

On the next page, click on Get More Help. This will open the request form.

After you submit it, expect an automated message acknowledging your request, followed later by another automated response with suggested answers.

If the answer does not work for you, reply to that message and wait until a support agent gives you a direct response.

You can also provide more information about what’s wrong with your site, any error messages, or screenshots of your Cloudflare configuration (obscuring the origin IP address), so that someone from this community can help you with suggestions.

Thank you. I did submit a ticket. We’ll see what they say. The automated response said it was a problem with my host server and the host server says it’s a problem with Cloudflare. So we’ll see what happens when they act on my ticket. For now I’m going to bed and will have to resolve this tomorrow. Meanwhile, my site is DOWN. sigh

Thanks again for your help.

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Whats your domain?

Thanks, I have resolved the problem. I have bypassed Cloudflare and gone back to my original server. I won’t go into the complex reasons, but I didn’t need to go through cloudflare at all as it turns out. I have deleted the conneciton that was causing the problem, and gone back to pointing to my domain host’s servers. Thank you.

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