New to cloudflare, some content getting blocked on my site :(

Hi, i just signed up on Cloudflare.
i changed the name servers to Cloudflares, and now some of my content on my site is no longer accessible.
Among those things are,

So my question is what do i do?
i would like to have access again.
* note that i’m very new to Cloudflare and redirecting https ect. *

Please advice

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

How should anybody here be able to give you any advice with the information you provided?

For starters, URL?

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By things you mean hosts? If that is the case then your problem is that you proxied services which can be proxied by Cloudflare.

Check out, it refers to email but it is the same issue.

Hi @Sandro, Thank you for replying, so before i added Cloudflare nameservers,
i could access &
Now that is no longer possible, also my ftp is also blocked…

Not sure why you mention proxy, both plex & tautulli was installed on the same server as apache is.

What do i do to get access to those ports again ?

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy those ports. If possible, you would have to access those apps on a subdomain that’s set to :grey:

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@sdayman thx ill read that, using subdomains instead of the ports will break alot of my config and im not even sure that would work in the end… is there no way for me to just unlock the ports and still have Cloudflare security?

Only on the Enterprise plan would you be able to proxy those ports. Even then, it. would require a bit of a workaround.

I already addressed the FTP part in my earlier response. As for custom ports, Cloudflare simply does not support that. You’d need to upgrade to an enterprise plan to get close to it. You can always mark your DNS records as :grey: in which case the traffic will go straight to your server again, but of course without Cloudflare’s security layer inbetween.

@Withheld Thx i’ve read that :slight_smile:

@sdayman I see, i think i’ll stick to free version for now untill i know abit more about Cloudflare. :slight_smile:
Thx for the info tho

@sandro Thank you, after disabling the DNS And HTTP proxy (CDN)
@ DNS, Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) settings.
i got everything work again, inc the ftp :slight_smile:

But by disabling the Dns and http proxy, how much of the security & features from Cloudflare do i lose?

I appreciate all the info and help you guys give me.

By setting the cloud to :grey: you will loose all features.

If you want you could do as I do, put Plex on 80/443 and use the other services under a specific path.

I have: -> Plex -> Tautulli -> NetData

All of this is easily doable with an nginx reverse proxy. This allows to enable HTTPS in a single location, force all connections via Cloudflare and prevent all possible security issues that each service could have.

I even have Access enabled on all the /a/ paths, excluded the default Plex app to allow for apps to access it.

@matteo interesting, i had no idea you could do this :slight_smile:
But i’m using Apache as webserver.
Thx for the tip man, i’ll look into your suggestion.

nginx is way quicker and less resource consuming if used for simply serving static files. If needed it can proxy Apache as well on some paths.

Note that it needs some configuration that behavior on both sides (nginx and the software), but it can be found online easily (just search for reverse proxy + program name).

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