New to Cloudflare - site being directed to medium

Hi there,

I set up Cloudflare free for a domain last night. The DNS zone in Cloudflare has a single entry for a CNAME for triple w pointing to an Azure App service.

If I do a dig, I get:
. 130 IN A
. 130 IN A

both of which point to medium ( used to be on medium).

So it looks like Cloudflare has another zone hosted for the zone that is not in my account.

How do I go about getting this fixed?

Not sure how to include the domain name in the forum post as the forum rejects it saying I can’t post links.


you can now.

cf does not have anything of your hosted. If you take cf out of the picture and just put the value of that CNAME in a browser address bar, what happens?

This sounds similar to

In the DNS settings in Cloudflare for the zone I have a single CNAME of www pointing to an Azure App Service

If you go to you get directed to the 404 NOT FOUND page on ( used to be on but it is now a wordpress site on Azure).

So looking at the Chrome debug:

  1. you get a 301 response to which is correct as that is wordpress doing a canonical redirect to the sites host name.
  2. Next request is then the 404 page.

So the DNS part is correct, but it looks like Cloudflare is using medium as an origin instead of which is what i have configured in the DNS settings in Cloudflare.

Maybe a legacy piece of config in the back end from when the site was with medium as medium look like they use Cloudflare.



This pretty much covers it:

Which steps in that article have you tried?


All sorted. I used the liberate tool that was in the pages you mentioned. Thank you kindly for pointing me in the right direction.

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