New to CloudFlare - repointing DNS shut down my site and email

I thought I had successfully set up Cloudflare yesterday but, when I repointed the DNS, my website did not load, my email did not work. Even my cPanel was not working properly. My

I don’t really understand Cloudflare and could not figure out how to contact support so I’m writing here.

In the end, I pointed the DNS back to the way they were and everything started working fine again. However, my Cloudflare account still shows “active” status.

I’d like to go through my settings with someone to troubleshoot before trying to repoint the DNS again. I’m just not sure where to turn.

Any help is appreciated.

When setting up Cloudflare, your DNS settings should match those currently on your domain. This should include A records for your site and MX records for your emails. You should be able to find your records with your web host or domain registrar. You will then need to go to the DNS tab in the Cloudflare dashboard and check that the ones there match. Set all your records to :grey: to start with, rather than :orange: and see if your site works then.

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