New to cloudflare - need ftp access for WP files ASAP

New to Cloudflare, need access to a subdomain ftp to alter files.
No idea where to go to set this up, etc.
I’d like to gather a login or crete one and use filezille to edit.
Need help asap please.

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You do it in your hosting provider, which Cloudflare is not. Basically the same place you always did.

If you have and that stopped working, you’ll need to click the orange cloud button next to the “ftp” record in your DNS tab in Cloudflare dashboard, and wait a few minutes.

If you don’t have subdomain, you don’t really have to use it - you can see what IP your regular domain pointed to in the past (also in the DNS tab, for either www or record) and use that IP in your FTP client; Likely this will work.

Ah, I see. Yes, my account was setup by another person - so I wasn’t sure if there was another company for hosting. How could I find out what that is within my Cloudflare account? (I saw in the domain DNS it was pointing to a IP, but not sure where thats at).

Thanks in advance.

You could do a WHOIS lookup on the IP to try and understand what hosting company is behind it.

But how would that help you? You still need credentials for their service… it’s probably better to ask the “other person” for all credentials required to manage your site / domain (and change them after you have them)

They had up and left it all dormant. I just figured it out. Runcloud. Thanks for your help. Any leads on where I can hire some help with dealing with backend of websites, hosting, backups, etc.

Sorry, no, I do that stuff myself… I have come to conclusion that in this world, if you wanna get something done right and not be surprised, you need to be on top of things… but that takes time and effort.

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Also reminding you again that the most important account that you must have access to, is the registrar (which may or may not be your hosting provider; run as WHOIS query on your domain name to find out) - as this gives full ownership for your domain. You’ll want to make sure you control all administrative access to the registrar and that there are no secondary sub accounts that has access to your domain - then change the account e-mail to your own and change the password. Maybe even add 2-Factor Authentication.


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