New to cloudflare my site will not load

This is all I get when I enter my site. Make sure you’ve got the right web address: http rustoleum msdspaint com
I checked the name servers and they do point to CF as I updated them at with CF recommended servers.
DNS as follows
A points to Automatic
CNAME rustoleum is an alias of msdspaint com Automatic
CNAME www is an alias of msdspaint com Automatic
I took the (dot) . out because site says I can only post two links :frowning:

http rustoleum msdspaint com was actually

The rustoleum one works for me, but gives me a 404.

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Let me check it. Thanks for reply. I’m only worried about the rustoleum one.

Right now using my ISP and that domain resolves, but it doesn’t resolve at (Google). You might try flushing their cache:


Thanks guys. I changed dns from what it was (centurylink stuff) to 1. and 2nd and I went to google and flushed the cache, didnt know I could do that.
Thank you very much.


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