New to Cloudflare, issue with Wordpress, WooCommerce app (iOS)

Hi, I’m new in Cloudflare, I’ve configured yesterday the system on my WooCommerce site and it works. So, today I received an order but when I open the app (WooCommerce app, list of order) order doesn’t appear to me (impossible to load orders), why?? (it’s been happening since i set up cloudflare, it worked before) ps: issue with admin app only, the system works ;).
Thanks for any helps.

It could be a caching issue. What’s the domain?

I don’t see anything set for caching that should not be, but I could not find any WooCommerce pages.

The only thing I noticed was a wp-admin redirect to http that Cloudflare redirected to https.

Was you site working with HTTPS before your moved it to Cloudflare?

Yes it works with HTTPS. Woocommerce pages (and the e-commerce) is in a subdirectory called omoshop.

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