New to Cloudflare - In Development Mode Still Unable to Edit Wordpress Pages

I’m guessing I missing some setting somewhere but edits in wordpress (beaverbuilder) seem to take and save, however as soon as refreshed are no longer visible. I have Cloudflare set to Development Mode = ON. My thought was this would bypass caching and show current edits. What am I missing here? Running on secondary site to prove this will work before initiating Cloudflare on primary business site. Thank you.

That should do it. To be super sure if it’s Cloudflare (or not), go to your DNS page on the Cloudflare Dashboard and set that secondary site to :grey:. This will completely bypass Cloudflare for that site so you can narrow down the issue.

Thank you for your reply but I do not want to take a chance on having any downtime on my main business site (secondary site) until I can prove Cloudflare will work on my less important site that is currently being tested. I must be able to regularly edit these pages, posts and add pages and posts and have them appear live. I deleted caches on both wordpress site on web host server and on Cloudflare and still does not display edits.

If you don’t wish to disable the proxy, we’ll need a few more details.

Do you have any caching plugins, manual cache settings in .htaccess, and what are your Cloudflare speed, page rules and Cache settings

Thank you for your reply.
Caching Plugin that is activated in wordpress: WP Super Cache
Every item on the Speed tab that can be turned on is turned on.
Caching tab: Caching level: Standard
Expiration: 4 hours
Always online: ON
Development mode was on currently off

Also complete purge from caching tab in an effort to get changes to display. Also deleted cache for WP super cache.

Do you have any page rules? If you do, I’d turn them off, Purge the cache, clear your browser cache. Otherwise, it’s going to be difficult to isolate the issue without turning things off.
When diagnosing cache issues, it’s a really good idea to use a browser with caching disabled. :wink:

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No page rules also purged cache, cleared browser cache, set to development mode, purged complete CF cache. Same result. Next I deactivated all plugins that could conceivably cause something like this. Again no luck. I used a page editor called BeaverBuilder. It is very popular. I tried editing the page directly from WordPress editor instead of BeaverBuilder and the changes held. problem is I need to have BeaverBuilder working more than I need Cloudfare. I am going to contact BeaverBuilder and see if they have a solution. Can you think of anything else? If so please suggest. Thank you.

Clearing Beaver Builder Cache

Sorry forgot to mention that I also did that and no help.

Did you try Beaver Builder before or after putting Cloudflare in to development mode and purging your caches?


Then I’d try it again while still in development mode. If it works, then you need to check your cache/speed settings. Also, you didn’t mention this setting specifically but Browser Cache Expiration - Respect existing headers may help too.

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OK that worked. Wow I hope I don’t have to go through all of that every time I need to make a small edit. Thanks a lot for your help. I general simply purging WP Super Cache, browser cache and setting to CF development mode should work correct? Or do I need to purge the CF cache completely as well? Any thing else you can think of that I missed? Thanks.

Ideally, Site Editors should include tools to purge popular Caches’s. If you install Cloudflare’s Plugin, it has an option to quickly place the site in to Development mode while making edits *and Automatic Cache Management to purge cache when you update your site.

I wasn’t aware of this plugin. This is awesome. Thanks for your help.

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Happy we could help.

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