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Hello! New user to Cloudflare. I’m a user of and Groove uses Cloudflare to connect domains to Groove from other registrars, ie. Google Domains, GoDaddy, etc.

Curious, I have a domain on GoDaddy that I’ve connected to Groove via nameservers. I can then bring that domain into Cloudflare and update the DNS settings. I’m trying to wrap my head around this, but how does Cloudflare bring a domain into Cloudflare under a user and the user have access to edit the domain settings? Is the link between Groove and Cloudflare through the email address registered for the user on both Groove and Cloudflare?

Groove just needs you to properly set your DNS records. It doesn’t really matter where you do that. But if Groove/Shopify/Clickfunnels is using their Cloudlfare configuration for your website, your Cloudflare settings will do nothing, beyond the DNS you used to point your domain to Groove.

Thank you! I have a client on Groove as well and she had a landing page on ClickFunnels. The domain lives on GoDaddy and is connected to Groove via nameservers, but the www subdomain is still pointing to ClickFunnels. Groove is telling me I need to contact Cloudflare support on getting the www to point to Groove/Cloudflare as well, but not sure how to do that. We have a ticket in with Cloudflare support but we’re just on the free account to response times are slower. Any idea on workaround?

Clickfunnels have been responsive to requests for releasing domain names. Ask them to remove that domain name from their Cloudflare account.

Thank you! Was able to log into the old/inactive account and removed all of the domains, all starting with www. Still propagating to ClickFunnels. Hoping it’ll release the www pointing to clickfunnels since there’s no cname record pointing to clickfunnels any longer. Thanks for the BIG help!!

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