New to Cloudflare - email stopped working on website and still getting failed logins

Here is the current state of affairs after talking with Flywheel support. The import via Cloudflare missed the A records for the mail stuff. So we added that. Should this work now ?

Also my wp-admin was being hit with a lot of false logins and security problems. Flywheel support suggested that I install Cloudflare and change the URL for the wp-admin. I am still seeing failed logins to the website.

Is there anything you can suggest to reduce this number further or at least give me piece of mind.



It appears that you have configured your records to be proxied (as indicated by the :orange:). Edit your A mx records and make them unproxied (so from :orange: to :grey:), and then give it ~10-15 minutes to take effect.
Then your email should work again, assuming your DNS records are correct.


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