New to Cloudflare - Deleted All DNS Records


I am new to Cloudflare, just created an account, and by toying around I deleted all DNS Records.

After that I decided to remove the site and restart from scratch.
So I changed the nameservers back to my hosts’ from cPanel, and restarted the process to add the site on Clouflare.

The problem is, now it is not detecting the DNS Records automatically anymore.

What can I do to rectify the situation? Is it just a matter of time? Should I wait to restart the process? If yes for how long?

Your advise would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Cloudflare will not scan for records a second time. You can check the Audit Log at the top of, or you can export your DNS records from your host, if your host will let you.

As you say cPanel, me and few colleagues from Cloudflare can help you as we could “guess” the needed records you should create in the Cloudflare dashboard due to the cPanel’s default ones which it creates at first - not to mention if you have some special ones and sub-domains which we cannot know, neither you have not mentionted the domain so we cannot help a lot in that case.

Moreover, if you can access the cPanel dashboard of your domain, open it in the new tab of Web browser.
Also, have the Cloudflare DNS dashboard openned in other tab.

Kindly, check which records (A, AAAA, TXT, CNAME, MX …) and which values assigned by each you have on the cPanel DNS zone (TTL column, Value column, etc.).
Add the same on the Cloudflare DNS dashboard and you are good to go :slight_smile:

Thank you it all worked out!
After a few minutes I was able to rescan the domain and retrieve the DNS Records automatically.

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