New to CloudFlare, Dedicated versus Universal SSL

Hello All -

I need a bit of guidance. I apparently have three SSL certificates associated with my site.

  1. Cloudflare Free Plan Dedicated SSL Certificate ($5/month)
  2. Cloudflare Free Plan Dedicated SSL Certificate with Custom Hostnames ($10/month)
  3. Universal SSL (free I believe)

How can I determine which SSL is actually being used? I expect I can delete the ‘SSL with Custom Hostnames’ as we are no longer using the ‘custom name’. I’m just wonderin if I can remove the $5/month cert as well.

Thanks very much for your guidance.


Paid certs will load before free certs. That top cert isn’t necessary, as the dev subdomain is already covered by the wildcard subdomain.

You can certainly delete both, as the universal cert will work just fine.


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