New to Cloudflare - Can I use this service for redirects?

I’m wondering if I Cloudflare has option to create URL redirects? I"m new to cloudflare and don’t see an option for me to open a ticket with their support.

Thanks in advance.

You can do redirects in two places.

Which to use really depends on your use case, so some more information would be useful.

You can also use the Always Use HTTPS feature to just redirect users from HTTP to HTTPS without any other change in the URL.


I tried to post a response, but it says “new users can only post 2 links in a post”.

Thanks for your response.

Here is one example of a URL redirect. I currently have my URL redirects configured in Azure app service, but it requires too many steps to add redirects, etc. We are looking for simple way to add them and for each one to be independent. The redirect will also need to be SSL, so we will need our org wildcard cert. ->

Sorry about that, @taylorr, I bumped up your permissions so you should not hit that again…

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