New to cloudflare and my SSL doesn't work

Good evening all.

This has been driving me mad all day. My head is getting a bit fried and I’m not the most technical person out there, so please go easy on me! is the website in question.

Hosted at Fasthosts (although strongly considering that moving forwards).

Had a free SSL with Fasthosts which expired yesterday.

Site was stuck in a redirect loop initially, so I’ve gone onto phpmyadmin and changed my site and homepage to http as there is/was no SSL active as it expired.

Signed up to cloudflare, changed my nameservers accordingly to the ones provided. A records point to my hosting package.

The problem is, when I visit the https version of my site there is no valid certificate. I get the usual “your connection is not secure” message, as you would if there were no SSL.

Nameservers have definitely updated. I’ve tried both “flexible” and “full” and have Always Use HTTPS selected (although it doesn’t appear to force the http version of my site to redirect to https).

Also, I’m not sure if I need to change the homepage and site back to https in the wp database or leave as http?

Honestly I feel like Fasthosts make it difficult so you’re left with no choice but to pay them…

I’m not sure what to do next, it’s probably something glaringly obvious and I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer.

Cheers folks.

Can’t you upload your own cert to your server? Cloudflare can generate one for you.

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