New to CloudFlare and can't validate email

I just made a new Cloudflare account and I can not validate my email. When I get the validate link in my inbox and press it, it goes to a page that says: " This link is not valid." Let me know if I’m missing something or if this is a bug, thanks.


Any chance that the default browser is running an ad blocker or the privacy settings are set too high?

Not that I can tell. I’ve tried it on multiple browsers, on multiple computers, with and with out ad blocker. I tried it on my phone, still no luck. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I just tried to create a new account and receiving the same error. I’ve posted to the other regulars hoping someone can verify and I’ll post back here soon.

Cool, thanks a lot.

Same here! I have tried more than once, and with a different email

Hi, sorry for the issue you’re hitting, if you open a support ticket, please share the number here so I can track it. I’ll update on this thread when I start to see updates/movement on this.

Edit - I just tried a work around, selected forgot password to bypass the page/link that is causing issues

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Thanks @cloonan #1647894

Thank you, I see it and made a note to support.

i have same problem cant active email. Pls tell me why?

Hi @lqkhanh, really sorry for the issue you’re seeing, support is aware of this and as I see updates, I’ll add them here. If you open a support ticket, let me know the number so I can keep track of it. Again, really sorry.

Same here, I tried to click the link from mail, but it always told me the link is invalid.

This link is not valid.

Please use the link you received in your email.[ resend the link

Whats problem? I cant verify my email address. Please resolve this problem

We have recently implemented a fix for this issue. Would you try it again to check if it’s working for you?

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Error code below:

This link is not valid.

Please use the link you received in your email.[ resend the link, ]

Please help me resolve this problem. But I can change password over entered email account

@cloonan I just resent a confirmation to my test account and when I clicked the new verification link, it’s working fine.

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Make sure you’re not opening a link from an earlier email. Please resend a new verification and once the new email arrives, click the new link.

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Thank you for help.

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