New to Cloud Flare - a Few Performance Issues (Slow Loading)

Hello Team!

Im new to cloud flare and have been interested to try their services. I was previously using DNS via Amazon Route 53 and moved my DNS over to Cloudflare yesterday at the registrar level. I have installed the Cloudflare Wordpress App and applied default settings.

Since setting up Cloudflare my site is taking between 5-10 seconds to load fully. HTML and some CSS seems to load quickly but images and some java seem to take a while, including Google Adsense.

The website is and im running Amazon EC2 t3.small with Bitnami and NGINX.

I have noticed that terminal is also slow connecting via SSH…

I have tried purging the CF Cache, and it still is slow

Thank you for any help or suggestions you might have, i am looking forward to trying more services.

Loads fine for me, there are some external resources which seem to take a bit but that is unrelated to Cloudflare.

Cloudflare is not involved here.

Another thing not related to Cloudflare.

I understand about external resources.

But surely if it was a DNS issue, it would be related to Cloudflare? SSH would have to call Cloudflare DNS, as would GoogleAnalytics?


Yes, but which pointers do you have that it is such an issue?

Only for establishing the connection, not for SSH itself and I understood SSH was slow.


SSH wont even connect. I just get a timeout.

Images are taking up to 20 seconds to load. I dont have this issue with any other sites.

You said slow, a timeout is not slow. A timeout is easy to explain as you most likely try to connect to a proxied host and that cannot work. You need to connect via the IP or via an unproxied hostname.

Which images? There is one image on your site that doesnt load and that is linked via an IP address.

you have some file that slowdown your website I would suggest to remove it -

That file has been removed and i was able to connect connect via SSH when connecting via IP.

When i load this page:

CSS loads fine, but images are now taking about 20 seconds to load. This has only happened since moving to Cloudflare for CDN and caching. Is there some reasonable way i can test to see what the issue may be?

Just a thought, i realise im also running hummingbird plugin, which also has some cache settings. Should i be running both CF and HB at the same time?

Once more, which images?

Sorry i missed that.
All of the thumbs.

When loading an article, the images at the top, such as:


I have uploaded a screenshot of what i see - the page remains like this for 10-20 seconds.

the file is still there, and you can try to disable rocket-loader

Have disabled rocketloader.

Regarding the file, i have navigated to that directory via SSH and run sudo rm -rf p4.jpg and it is no longer showing as there…

This is getting odd…

the file is in your website code and not in your server… and you have js errors

you need a programer to help you fix all the problems I don’t think Cloudflare can help you with all that


Rather odd, and i have no idea why, but the slowness has just stopped

perhaps it was turning off rocketloader?

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