New TLD Notifications

How does Cloudflare notify the community when they add support for new TLDs?

There’s usually a big public celebration by everybody who has been waiting for it. :partying_face:

Which one are you interested in

Let me see:,,, .co, .fm and .vc

It would be good to get them all under one registrar which I can trust.

The traditional ccTLDs (.au and .uk) seem to be really tricky, as they’re country-managed. The gccTLDs are more likely to happen first, though no telling when. I have a .co I’d like to move here.

While Cloudflare is a good registrar, there certainly are some really good registrars out there equally trustworthy. I split mine between Cloudflare and Gandi, then use Porkbun as a more “boutique” registrar.