New Telekom connecting/congestion problem with cloudflare Help

Starting around 5~6pm CET, the ping to cloudflare spikes massively up until 11pm.

I’ve contacted my ISP Magenta Telekom AS8412 and they said its cloudflare’s problem.

However as you can see I tested with my phone’s internet, which is from the same provider, works normally, the last 4 nodes are even the same but somehow on the cable internet there’s this massive spike and packet loss which makes every service or website behind cloudflare unuseable.
How is this possible? Doesnt this suggest that there is a problem going from to But the phone tracert contradicts this…

Can cloudflare identify where the problem lies so i can better communicate with my isp about fixing it? Since my ISP is blaming Cloudflare for this problem.

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I’ve had the same problem for ~2 months now.

The problem is really very simple:

Traffic could be flowing between Cloudflare and Telekom with almost no limits - free for both sites.
However, Telekom doesn’t think free is a fair offer - they want money from Cloudflare (and others).

So, instead of using direct and free peering, connections to Cloudflare are handled via transit providers, to which Telekom intentionally connects via completely overloaded connections.

While this is very noticeable with Cloudflare, there are a lot of other websites that don’t work in the evening via Telekom. One website even has an “Alternative server for Telekom customers” - it’s completely ridiculous.


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