New TCP Turbo feature

Definitely, today is a great day for :logo: customers:

I just heard about another new performance-related feature: TCP Turbo!

From the Blog

The feature was mentioned in today’s post where the new Speed page was announced:

As a bonus, we’re also rolling out one more new feature: TCP Turbo automatically chooses the TCP settings to further accelerate your website.

From the Dashboard

The feature section is displayed on the Speed tab (even for users who are not yet using the new version of the page) and it has the following description:

Accelerate latency and throughput with custom-tuned TCP optimizations. Enabled automatically for Pro, Business, and Enterprise customers.

Free plan view

Requires Pro or higher

Paid plan view


What do you guys think of this? Did you have the opportunity to test it?
If someone already has a first impression to share, please do so. :slight_smile:


Yeah saw that TCP Turbo is automatically enabled on my zone and today did notice my forum/site page speed was a bit speedier - which is quite an achievement given how fast the pages were already. Hopefully, Cloudflare documents what TCP Turbo entails i.e. Google BBR etc ?