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I’m already running my main domain and a subdomain of that through Cloudflare with no problem. Over the weekend, I added a new subdomain with exactly the same settings, and it keeps disappearing: I log into Wordpress on the subdomain, work on it and everything looks good. A few hours later I try to visit and get the message that the server can’t be found and when I go back to the DNS area on Cloudflare, the subdomain has disappeared. Once I re-submit, the site is back up again…

Thanks for any tips.


Check your audit log, there you should find the reason why it is removed. It will be most likely some automated process which removes it via the API. Either disable that or change your API key altogether.

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Thanks for the quick response!

All I see is rec added (me), rec del (2 hours later) over and over… ! It doesn’t say why though. I will try to change the API key instead then.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 08.55.09|690x307

Check out the details of that entry.

Doesn’t mean much to me I’m afraid…

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 09.04.25|690x349

Yes, that is via the API. If you don’t know what that is, it is best to change the API key and possibly your password too.

OK done, thanks. I recently integrated with Ezoic for ads, so I wonder if that could have caused an issue… I’ll check it out with them too.


Possibly, if you provided them with your API key they’d have access. The request itself came from an Amazon datacentre.

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If you have integrated Ezoic onto your domain then this would be the cause. In order for Ezoic’s platform to work they need to add DNS records to your zone file and as onboarding with them - you give them access to your Cloudflare account to manage your DNS records.

Any DNS records should be managed in Ezoic and they will sync those changes across to Cloudflare for you.

Thanks. I’ve refreshed my API and turned off Ezoic to stop this as I wasn’t happy with a few things from them anyway. is still showing up in all my CNAME records (cdn-0 to cdn-7) as well as for my root domain (www. version too). Can I just delete the CDN ones? Should I edit the domain ones to my original IP address? Thanks

Yes, if you are not using them any more you’d want to remove any DNS references.


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