New SubDomain Setup

I have a domain on Godaddy with name servers pointing to Cloudfare which is where I know make my DNS changes. The sub domain is

I need to add a subdomain. I have added a A record under the domain setting pointing to the IP address of my Cloud Server which is where I want the sub domain to point to.

However this is not working and when I do a domain lookup to it is resolving the CloudFlare IP and not the IP I have on the A record? I.E. is does not seem to resolve. Is there a step I’m missing?

It resolves to the Cloudflare IP addresses becuase it’s set to :orange: (Proxied by Cloudflare). You can set it to :grey: (DNS Only) if you want to test it directly. DNS changes take 5 minutes to fully propagate.

Right now, that subdomain is not working. Did you add it to your GoDaddy account already?

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