New Subdomain Hosted Separate from Namecheap

So I have my domain registered with Namecheap. My custom nameservers there are both pointing to CloudFlare.
I am using CloudFlare to redirect my www to third party provider. Works fine.
I have now created a subdomain with my hosting provider
For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to setup Cloudflare to send me to
I keep getting “server cannot be found”

The subdomain documentation for CNAME setup for a subdomain says I need to "Edit the corresponding CNAME record in your authoritative DNS to append to the hostname.
If this means that I need to create that record in Namecheap, at the moment I cannot do that because Namecheap’s “Custom Nameservers” doesn’t let me add records.
What am I missing here?

You’d create that DNS record here. A CNAME of ‘SUB’ that’s most likely set to :grey: with a value of, replacing SUB with whatever the hostname they told you to.

I’m sorry I don’t understand.
I have tried to create a record here with several iterations.

CNAME, site,
this gives me an error “Cannot use records with partial suffixes”

It’d be much easier if your new host just gave you an IP address so you can use an “A” record.

Otherwise, please post a picture of what you’re trying to enter for that record.

I’m also going to tag the @MVP group since I’m sure one of them knows the cdn.cloudflare format.


Okay, so I went back to my host, found the IP address for my subdomain (same as the rest of my domain hosted with them)
I deleted the CNAME record from Cloudflare that was not working.
I created a new A record with the following fields:
(Type, Name, Content, Status)
A, site, [IP address], DNS Only

And now it works.
Should it matter if the Proxy Status for this record is DNS Only or Proxied?
I know I get the orange triangle IP exposed warning for DNS Only

If it’s working now with HTTPS, go ahead and Proxy it.

That is used mainly in a partial or CNAME setup. You create DNS Records on your Cloudflare account, but as the Cloudflare nameservers are not authoritative, you have to create CNAME records on the authoritative nameservers pointing to <fqdn>

It is also useful in a split horizon environment, as you can use the <fqdn> format in your internal DNS, and any changes to the Origin IP, or :orange:/:grey: status of the Cloudflare managed IPs are reflected in the CNAME automatically.

% dig +noall +answer grep orange 237 IN	A 245 IN A 245 IN A

As the Cloudflare nameservers are authoritative, the CNAME setup and format are not relevant in this scenario.


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