New Speed Tab (Coming Very Soon)

Hey Everyone,

We are in the pleased to announce we are in the process of releasing a new Speed Tab. We have integrated Lighthouse into the Speed tab replacing WebPageTest.

Lighthouse, an open source performance measuring tool created by Google, is an industry standard way of measuring web page performance. The tool generates a series of performance measurements such as ‘First Contentful Paint’ and ‘Time To Interactive’. These metrics are crucial KPIs for administrators looking to improve their SEO score and drive more traffic to their website.

Report Example

Previous Test History

You will now have the ability to specify the URL to run the tests on rather than the default page at the time of signup. This means users are able to see individual results for their homepage as well as running separate tests and viewing results for their product listing.

Test any orange clouded URL for your zone

The new tab will be released over the coming weeks from the 16th Jan 2023. Over the coming months we will be improving the Speed tab with many new and exciting features including:

  • Improved Error responses - Please make sure your FIrewall Rules / WAF does not block the Speed Tests being ran and that the page you are testing against is HTML & returning a 200 OK response
  • Scheduling
  • Improved product recommendation engine to showcase features that customers can enable to improve performance and their Lighthouse score,
  • Regions to run your tests to better represent your customers’ experience. Currently the tests run from the US
  • Plus much more!

Any feedback let us know!

The Cloudflare Speed Team


Thank you, Matt!

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