New Speed page

I just realized that a new Speed page is coming to the Dashboard and I’m really excited about it!

From the Overview sidebar

Before activate:

Try the new Speed page to see how your site performs.

After activate:

Congratulations, you’re in the queue to use the new Speed page! You should have access to it soon.

From the Speed app

Still showing the current version, but now displaying the post-activation message about the new one.

Does anyone have access to the new version? What did you think?


I am still in the queue, but I think @sdayman got access…

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I got access, its nice but not a lot of different than WebPageTest

It also didnt tell me the speed without Cloudflare like the blog said

p.s under the hood it seems like they are running the test on one of their domains, which proxies the site, that way they can enable features like mirage and test the result with it(but I am not 100% sure on this)


@domjh, I’m still in the queue too. :sweat_smile:

@boynet2, thanks for sharing both the screenshot and the post!
I hadn’t yet accessed the blog today.

I think that’s great! WebPageTest is a good reference in tools for speed testing (as demonstrated in @eva2000’s guide) and having it done in an automated way makes things much easier.

Maybe because the new Speed page is still taking its first steps?

Although I was already satisfied with the standard speed metrics, this part was the one that made me more excited!

It will be amazing to be able to track all these metrics automatically, directly from Cloudflare.


Not unexpected seeing as Patrick Meenan Webpagetest creator now works at Cloudflare :slight_smile:

Yup I am still in queue after activating Speed Page as well :slight_smile:


Me as well…